LAT designs and performs mechanical center section (MCS), component and control panel upgrades for LAT & non-OEM turboexpanders. Minimize capital expenses, extend the life of and enhance turboexpander performance with an upgrade.


Non-LAT MCS: Before
LAT MCS Upgrade: After
LAT & Non-LAT MCS Units: Side by Side

LAT has extensive experience in building turboexpanders with oil bearing systems with either a standard sleeve bearing or tilt pad bearings. Whether the design represents a single-stage turboexpander or two-stage turboexpanders operating in series with a common auxiliary system on a single skid, L.A. Turbine can build it. Often better and faster than other OEMs.

Where the existing wheel is damaged and not suitable for reverse engineering, L.A. Turbine has the engineering capability, experience, and technology to design a new wheel.

Do you have an obsolete control panel perhaps manufactured in the mid-90’s? Does the control panel feature pneumatic controls, gauges or a human machine interface (HMI)? Or, is the turboexpander tripping? “Yes” to any of these questions, indicates it’s time for an upgrade. L.A. Turbine offers a robust control panel upgrade that is state-of-the-art, and custom-made for your turboexpander performance and monitoring requirements.

Non-LAT PLC Control Panel: Before
LAT Upgrade: After
Non-LAT PLC Control Panel: Before
LAT Control Cabinet Upgrade: After
LAT Control Cabinet Interior Upgrade: After

Case Study:
Control System Upgrade

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Turboexpander vibration is normal but high vibration levels can be an indicator of problems with lube oil viscosity, stressful flow pressure changes, worn parts or potential issues with wheel damage or imbalance. For robust vibration monitoring capabilities, upgrade your turboexpander with additional vibration probes including key-phasor probes. Prevent unnecessary problems and downtime with a vibration monitoring upgrade.

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