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Turbomachinery International Reports on Mag Bearing Turboexpander Shipments & Orders

February 27, 2015

Read about L.A. Turbine’s (LAT) recent shipment and orders of magnetic bearing turboexpander-compressors in the January/February issue of Turbomachinery International, page 10.  Shipped and ready for commissioning are two L3000 magnetic bearing turboexpander-compressors for a gas processing plant in the Middle East.  Other news from LAT includes an order for a pair of L3000 two-stage […]

Turboexpansion – Continued Expansion Turbine Success

October 21, 2014

LAT See Unprecedented Growth Read about L.A. Turbine’s turboexpansion in the August 2014 issue of Plant Services magazine (pgs. 9-10).  The company is now more equipped than ever to deliver faster-to-market new turboexpanders and aftermarket repair and service with its move to a 90,000 square foot facility in Valencia, California.  Get the scoop here.

Turboexpander Magnetic Bearings & L.A. Turbine Featured

October 13, 2014

Read how recent turbine developments, including the use of magnetic bearings vs. oil bearings in turboexpanders, are delivering new business benefits and options to the marketplace in Plant Services’ article titled, New Twists in Turbines, October 2014. See how turboexpanders work and learn what L.A. Turbine’s Director of Engineering, Dr. Houman Shokraneh has to say about magnetic bearings in the article by clicking here. L.A. Turbine MagneticBearings Brochure

Plant Services Magazine Features L.A. Turbine’s New Manufacturing facility

August 4, 2014

The August issue of Plant Services magazine features a profile on L.A. Turbine’s new manufacturing facility expansion, investments in technology, equipment and personnel. In addition, the article speaks to the company’s ongoing commitment to retain and invest in high-precision manufacturing jobs in California. Read the article in its entirety here.

The Expanding Turboexpander Marketplace

February 27, 2014

The Expanding Turboexpander Marketplace Danny Mascari, President of L.A. Turbine discusses turboexpander history, technology, applications, range of operation and market opportunities. How did L.A. Turbine get started? John Maskaluk founded the company in 2003 in a garage in Valencia, California. He was previously a veteran of a major turboexpander supplier. When that firm was acquired, […]

Turbomachinery International Visits New L.A. Turbine Headquarters

February 24, 2014

Turbomachinery International recently visited the new 90,000 square foot headquarters facility of L.A. Turbine. This turboexpander firm conducts design, manufacturing, testing and aftermarket service at the office in Valencia in Southern California. The company began operations over a decade ago in a nearby garage. As it grew, operations moved into a small facility used for […]